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Abolish Restaurants

Abolish Restaurants is a beautifully illustrated guide to the daily misery, stress, boredom, and alienation of restaurant work, as well as the ways in which restaurant workers fight against it.

Drawing on a range of anti-capitalist ideas as well as a heaping plate of personal experience, it is part analysis and part call-to-arms.

I can’t recommend this zine enough. I pretty much lost my shit when I read it, it articulated just about everything that’s fucked about working hospitality – you’ll read it & see so much of your own lived experience.

55 A5 pages, B&W. $1


Al-Habaab (The Beloved Ones)

Ya habibi! The most adorbs zine of all time. Rio Safari of movedancecreate.com teams up with Cathy Khampoor, JD (cathycamper.com) to play out some silly plays on the Arabic word حَبيبي (my beloved), replete with illustrations of wonder. Super tongue-in-cheek.

16 pages; 1/4 size; B&W w/ cardstock cover. $2


All My Friends Are Mountains

It’s been said that the Kurds have no friends but the mountains. Project Bridget chases curiosity and solidarity over the plains of Turkey and in to Iraq, the one Dubya saw fit to pull from the burning wreckage for his own ends. The zine talks about animal rights and environmentalism in Iraq, antispeciesism, the aftermath of Saddam, the aid industry, the Antideutsche’s crusades in the Middle East, sex work and the female prison system in Iraq and Kurdistan, the Kurdish Spring, underground media in Kurdistan, and why not to carry Kurdish bullet shells through Turkish airport security. It also includes an awesome interview with the folks of the Kurdish Anarchist Forum. And there is a lot of gushing about mountains.

48 A6 pages. $3


Both By Accident & Design

“You’re arty” he says, coming over to me with a copy. “What do you think?” I look at it. Glossy vendor graphics of a small toy car and a silver sports car. “There are apps and then there are apps” it reads. This is the brochure that cost $4000 including copywriters. It’s great, I tell him.

For anyone who’s worked a shit house job anywhere, ever. Colour cover & stitched binding.

32 A6 pages. $3.50


Both By Chance & Circumstance

Exploits in funemployment. “They have a small head office on the second floor. As you walk in, before you get to the stairs, you’re intercepted by a male and female mannekin dressed in corporate security uniform. Now that’s just weird. Yes, I’ve figured out this is a Security Firm. That’s not the weird bit. The weird bit is having mannekins who look like they are armed by the entrance…”

20 A5 pages. $3




Cheap Toys #8

Cheap Toys #8 is Gizmo’s chronicle of a punk rock journey ‘cross the States in French & English. Travel zines are the best antidote to itchy feet when you gotta be stationary for a while – et si vous êtes comme moi, vous pouvez pratiquer votre français-delà du manuel!

French & English. A5 pages. $2.50


Cheap Toys #9

In Cheap Toys #9, Giz returns to France, in between colds, crush daydreams & reflecting on his relationship to his ‘home’ country, he goes on tour & reminds us all: UP THE SCHOLAR PUNX!

English & French. A5 pages. $2.50


Dates I’ve Been On and Not Been On

It was advertised as text appeal speed dating at the library, and you took in your favourite book to discuss with the other person, as well as their favourite book, in the space of seven minutes. I figured I had to do this, I might meet a good book.

I love this zine. A dateography of epic proportions that invokes the true meaning of schadenfreude. Awesome aesthetics & beautiful stitch binding

A5 pages. $5.50



Envious Casca

Review of This Is Not Art festival, Newcastle, 2009 using the medium of an appropriated stolen murder mystery novel from the local hostel.

24 A5 pages. $3







Excuse Me, Can You Please Pass the Privilege?

In this zine the author talks about coming to terms with privilege. It discusses privileged people’s discourses on “dealing with their privilege” (like it’s a burden), the romanticisation of poverty, the new walls that studying privilege through an academic lens can build, and all the problems in trying to ignore, reject or use your privilege for “good”.

This zine really doesn’t come across as some self-indulgent attempt by a privileged person to get cred for “working on their shit”, but rather an attempt to open dialogue and find new ways of understanding and deconstructing privilege. It is really honest and self-scrutinising and I like it a lot. Bonus points for Propagandhi and Utah Phillips/Ammon Hennacy quotes!

28 A5 pages. $1


For Strength & Valour

On paninis, Survivor, navigating artists residencies, first world checklists, the “culture of honour”, the Australian Immigration Department and a call to zine action. Bonus 2x Indigenous land rights stickers: “Humbled to be on Aboriginal ground”. Stick ’em up round your neighbourhood & remember whose ground you’re standing on.

16 A6 pages. $3




How to Make Kimchi Topless

Delicious! Nutritious! Nourishing, spicy, versatile & exciting fun. So sayeth this zine’s cover, & the cover lie-eth not. It forgot to mention how cute it is. And just plain awesome.

8 A5 pages. $1







If Destroyed Still True #6: Iraqi Kurdistan edition

Nine visits Iraqi Kurdistan. Hitch-hiking experiences good and bad, encounters with Kurdish and American soldiers, the kindness of strangers, being stranded, death threats, and the Kurdish Spring. Its content is so beautiful, thoughtful, a testimony of feelings felt and questions asked. Nine’s gift is the way they string together pieces of things – honestly, humbly.

25 A5 pages. $2.50


I Lost My Sense of Irony in Brisbane

But the more I thought about it, it was definitely Zine Scandal of 2010. The whole incident was bemusing. Made surreal by its lack of incident. Zines are highly personal artefacts. You don’t retail them like discount books.

Elle’s sharp eye for detail (and the space where irony should be) and her sharp tongue honed well on zine ethos converge on Brisbane for a zine fair. Stitch-bound & whole-heartedly recommended.

16 A6 pages. $2.50




Katzilla: Punk Rock in Israel

This super amaze zine includes super interesting in-depth interviews with some of the main figures of anti-Zionist Israeli punk, including Federico of Dir Yassin, Giora of Nikmat Olalim, David of Boshet Records, Gutzy of Hikokiri, Noya of Patrol zine and more. This zine is a few years old now but gives an awesome overview of a pretty amazing scene – totally recommended reading!

All proceeds from this zine go to Anarchists Against the Wall. But if you want to read the PDF, write me and I can send it to you free.

72 A4 pages. $2.50


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