Zines M – Z

Mellow Yellow #1

Mellow Yellow is a collaborative zine dedicated to radical social change from a section of the “Asian” tau iwi population in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Issue two talks about internalised racism, honorary whiteness, family, cultural appropriation vs. appreciation, language and liberation, and a wake up call to White women to work on their own shit.

28 A5 pages. $1.50







Mellow Yellow #2

Mellow Yellow is a collaborative zine dedicated to radical social change from a section of the “Asian” tau iwi population in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Issue one talks about monoculturalism and monolingualism, identity politics in colonised Aotearoa, gender presentation, internal racism, migration, First World-dwelling, family, and more.

36 A5 pages. $1.50







Not Afraid of Ruins #1

We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We are going to inherit the earth; there is not the slightest doubt about that. The bourgeoisie might blast and ruin its own world before it leaves the stage of history. We carry a new world here, in our hearts. That world is growing this minute.

A zine by Nausea about depression, anxiety, capitalism, teen angst and taking care of each other.

32 A5 pages. $1





Not Afraid of Ruins #2

Just so you know, it’s not all violence and oppression around here. There’s beauty and pleasure too… when it all seems hopeless, I remind myself of the food, the desert, the sea, the people. I remind myself that this is a land worth fighting for.

This zine chronicles Nausea’s returns to Palestine/Israel, during Operation Cast Lead and in May-June 2010 during the Freedom Flotilla massacre. Part travel journal, part random thoughts about Palestine, Zionism, Jewish identity, colonialism and Stargate SG1.

68 A5 pages. $2.50





Not Afraid of Ruins #3

The latter is the place I was born in, but have no ancestral connection to, a place where I’m part of the dominant ethnic group, the colonizers. The former is a place I’ve never been to, which plays a huge role in my history but that I know nothing about… this is a place where I am part of a minority that’s been historically persecuted, that’s more visible as a set of memorials and museums than as a living community. It would be so nice to live somewhere not as an occupier or as a persecuted minority. To live in peace.

Nine planes, twenty two trains, twenty four beds. Vegan food, public parks, fancy buildings, trains, books, squats, museums, anarchist social centres, Jewish history, trees, rabbits, seagulls and anxiety.

40 A5 pages. $2



Revolutionary Women

The one and only! Revolutionary Women is an incredible zine that seeks to restore some balance to our ‘man-washed’ image bank of revolutionary icons: Che, Malcolm X, Mandela and other male pin-up political heroes are swept aside in a wave of, for many untold, women’s histories.

The stories of Harriet Tubman, Emma Goldman, Qiu Jin, Lucia Sanchez Saornil, Eva Rickard, Angela Davis, Comandante Ramona, Phoolan Devi and more are accompanied by a one-layer stencil of each woman, ready to copy, cut out and dispel. Radicalise your environment and remind each other of the amazing women who have come before us!





Screwdriver Guilts #1

SCREWDRIVER GUILTS is an awesome multi-coloured laser that will enhance your sex life. It is a futuristic handbag full of soup. You & Screwdriver Guilts = HOT NEW COUPLE ALERT.

A6 pages. $1







Screwdriver Guilts #3

Open-ended questions posed to the Republic of Moldova as part of Sticky Institute’s Eurovision Target 168 zinemaking challenge. IMF loans, historical interpretations of the afterlife, neighbouring dictators’ legacies, the “Iranian Threat”, languages that don’t have a word for “sex” and Moldova’s very own Twitter Revolution.

12 A5 pages. $0.80


Sex Industry Apologist

Nine’s incredible zine draws on seven years spent working at a project for sex workers to take on abolitionist feminists, media crap and ignorance at large.

Nine’s style is sharp, witty, hilarious, & well-referenced. Just don’t forget Nine’s Rule: “Whoso maketh reference to the film Pretty Woman automatically loseth the argument.”

A5 pages. $1.20


Small Victories

This zine is about small victories. The little moments of resistance, the ones that won’t win you the battle, the ones that give you hope to keep fighting.

16 A5 pages. $0.80








Spirit Fingers

Maude, artist & guerrilla gardener extraordinaire chronicles her year as a freshly-minted activist.

16 A5 pages. $2








Success Stories

Something is happening with Eurovision; it’s getting less crazy.

I am very fond of this zine, and very fond of Eurovision. Austria’s 2011 entry is used as a platform to talk about notions of uniqueness en masse, the uneasy bedfellows that the corporate & arts sectors doth make, & why “success” in the zine world is not quantifiable in the eyes of Channel 31.

20 A6 pages. $2.50






The Ground

How closely have you scrutinised Sydney’s CBD?

20 A6 pages of colour photography. $5.50






The Revolutionary Linguist

The first installment of a disgruntled linguistics student’s thoughts on the secret life of language. We’re talkin language as culture, language as political action, linguistic determinism, monolingualism, a rallying cry against ESL teaching & a quick gander at political linguistic movements in recent years. Fellow language geeks unite.

36 A5 pages. $2







Trees Die Standing #1: The Road to Gaza

Issue one of Trees Die Standing kicks off an unchronological journey through the author’s time in occupied Palestine. Fresh outta her West Bank eviction, she bee-lines to the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt. Read interviews with Bedouin folk involved in the smuggling tunnels between Sinai and Gaza and other people along the road to Gaza. Glimpse the frustration and beauty of our surroundings. . .

Proceeds go directly to the International Solidarity Movement.

20 A5 pages. $1


Trees Die Standing #2

Chronicles nine months in the West Bank working with the International Solidarity Movement, a non-violent direct action resisting the Israeli occupation. Weekly demos, bearing witness, hospitals, gut-toting settlers, living on the street with evicted families. Also: hip hop, falafel, weddings, funerals, inappropriate hook ups, kidnapping, prison, breaking bail.

Proceeds go directly to the International Solidarity Movement.

68 A5 pages. $3






Veganistan: Vegan Food from the Middle East & Maghreb

Veganistan is a prize-winning (!) zine of Middle East & Maghrebi vegan recipes! It’s also an attempt to smash popular misconceptions that you can’t be a healthy, happy, belly-rubbin vegan in the Mid East. Follow a kaleidescopic page journey through soups, dips, breads, spice blends, salads, falafels, pastries, grains, stuffed stuff & sweet things & feast til ya can’t stands no more.

All proceeds goes to Vafa Animal Shelter in Hashtgerd, Iran. “Vafa” means “loyalty” in Farsi. The shelter was founded in 2003 by Fatemeh Motamedi, who donated her own land and funds to see the shelter’s creation. Today Vafa’s volunteers care for over 400 dogs & depend on donations to keep the project running.

40 A5 pages. $2.50

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