How to order

Here’s how it works if you wanna order zines on here!

1. Pick the zines you want.

2. Add up postage accordingly:

Orders in Australia

1-3 zines: $2.50

4-6 zines: $5

more: email me & we’ll figure it out.

Orders to Aotearoa

1-3 zines: $3.50

4-6 zines: $7

more: see above!

Orders to anywhere else

1-3 zines: $5

4-6 zines: $10

more: you get the idea.

3. If you have Paypal, send however many the total number of dollars are, along with your mailing address, to:

(not my regular email address)

If you don’t have Paypal, get in touch & we’ll figure something out!

4. Too hard? Head over to Etsy if you’re into straightforward button-clicking.


Live in Melbourne? If you’re here too, just write me & lemme know what you want & I can deliver your zines by bike for free!