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Fook yeah. I am overarching the moon over so many copies/issues of this zine in my greasy mitts. Deafula is a ’70s horror movie done entirely in American Sign Language, but also, & even betterly, it is Kerri’s funny, no bullshit reflection on her experience of deafness. Over four issues & counting she covers a lotta ground – the deafness spectrum, the Deaf/deaf community, deaf-hearing communication, sign language(s), health insurance & associated fuckarounds, employment & more. It’s a humbling opportunity to see inside the life of a deaf person in a predominantly hearing world and is a rad resource for allies.

I have issues #1, #2 & #4! Hit me up for copiez if yr keen.


lez write n read n staple our kneez

My mailbox has been full o ❤ lately. Do you want a mailbox o ❤ too? Lez write to each other. Exciting new things winging their way thru the stratosphere into the distro’s greasy mitts:


Ho, ho!


Aw yeah! So there are a buncha new titles up you should take a gander at if yr so inclined:

Abolish Restaurants. Part anti-capitalist analysis, part call-to-arms against the hospitality industry. Read it & weep.

Al-Habaab. Most adorbs of all time, illustrated plays on words of حَبيبي (my beloved) in Arabic.

Both by Chance & Circumstance. The final word on funemployment.

Cheap Toys #8 & #9. Punk show travel zine in English & French.

As always, ya can peruse/cruise on the Etsy, or read more here.

Last week Veganistan won the Golden Stapler at Format Zine Fair in Adelaide! Thanks radelaide! If you never seen a golden stapler before, here it is. You can’t see it, but they fully attached a little plaque with mine & Veganistan’s names. ❤