Fook yeah. I am overarching the moon over so many copies/issues of this zine in my greasy mitts. Deafula is a ’70s horror movie done entirely in American Sign Language, but also, & even betterly, it is Kerri’s funny, no bullshit reflection on her experience of deafness. Over four issues & counting she covers a lotta ground – the deafness spectrum, the Deaf/deaf community, deaf-hearing communication, sign language(s), health insurance & associated fuckarounds, employment & more. It’s a humbling opportunity to see inside the life of a deaf person in a predominantly hearing world and is a rad resource for allies.

I have issues #1, #2 & #4! Hit me up for copiez if yr keen.


lez write n read n staple our kneez

My mailbox has been full o ❤ lately. Do you want a mailbox o ❤ too? Lez write to each other. Exciting new things winging their way thru the stratosphere into the distro’s greasy mitts:


Ho, ho!


Aw yeah! So there are a buncha new titles up you should take a gander at if yr so inclined:

Abolish Restaurants. Part anti-capitalist analysis, part call-to-arms against the hospitality industry. Read it & weep.

Al-Habaab. Most adorbs of all time, illustrated plays on words of حَبيبي (my beloved) in Arabic.

Both by Chance & Circumstance. The final word on funemployment.

Cheap Toys #8 & #9. Punk show travel zine in English & French.

As always, ya can peruse/cruise on the Etsy, or read more here.

Last week Veganistan won the Golden Stapler at Format Zine Fair in Adelaide! Thanks radelaide! If you never seen a golden stapler before, here it is. You can’t see it, but they fully attached a little plaque with mine & Veganistan’s names. ❤


Coupla things comin up

Autostop is goin on the road (prob in an unsolicited ride, lolz) for EDUFACTORY in Ngunnawal Country, Canberra, 29 September – 1 October. Edufactory will be three days of radical self-education, criticism and organisation intended to bring together students who seek a way out of the present crisis in university education and the integration of universities into the market. I haven’t really fleshed out the deets yet but regardless, I’ll be in town somewhere with zines, & maybe even a table to put em on. Come!

October 6-7 spells big weekend of DIY action. On October 6 this is happening:

Brisbane zine Bizoo’s messy farewell party as part of Melbourne Fringe Fest. Fringe sez:

“To celebrate the launch of Bizoo’s final release – The Best, The Worst and the Trash That Never Made It – Bizoo, Smells Like Zines and Knuckle Tatt Productions invites you to a very special event featuring noise makers, art creators and trouble makers. Legendary music venue the Old Bar plays host to a no-holds-barred night of crashin Bizoo muso mates, plus hands-in-the-muck workshops and exhibition upstairs. Be early when the trouble kicks off with an up close and personal panel of really intelligent DIY’ers, and stay late as the amber specials will flow all night!”

I am one of the DIY panel folk, though I can’t vouch for my intelligence.

Next day! Format Zine Fair is happening in Adelaide. Sticky Institute will be there with an amaze-o Feed The Animals fundraiser to keep that little pocket of zine heaven alive. If you come, you will have the chance to buy illustrious zines at illustrious prices to support Sticky. I got Veganistan … one & three-quarters in the pipeline for it.

Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair

Tabling at this next weekend!